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Photographing heartfelt weddings for the dreamiest of couples! Providing everlasting moments for every occasion! 

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Hi! I’m Melissa Harris.
I’m a sucker for love, family, and fellowship. My desires include creating portraits, finding fresh angles, and developing relationships. When I’m not holding my camera, you can find me at Home Goods spending money I shouldn’t be or eating tacos with my husband!

I didn’t anticipate becoming a photographer when I stepped on to the University of North Texas campus. I was certain journalism was the road I would travel, but your true gift has a way of revealing itself in the most unexpected ways. 

My now sister-in-law gave me the opportunity to shoot my first wedding in 2015. It was like I was dropped onto the perfect movie set! Amazing lights, beautiful backgrounds, breathtaking decorations and the perfect people. All I had to do was point and shoot. Consumed with joy, any anxiety I should have experienced quickly melted away. To say that I felt alive doesn’t quite do the sensation justice.

It is amazing how passion can surpass “work.” This is what I was made to do, this is the gift that God put inside my heart. I was meant to serve others without hesitation, cheerfully, and to the best of my ability. Someone very close to me said, “before you leave to start your day there is one thing you should know. It can be hard to live in a dim world when you were made to glow!” That is my mission and I am here for you!




Chocolate is my heart. From dark chocolate to white chocolate, I am 100% in love! If you ever need to get me a gift because you love me, chocolate is always a good choice! 


My favorite type of food is Mexican Food and chips and salsa is hands down my favorite snack. The spicier the salsa, the better babe!

mexican food

As crazy and unpredictable as he is, I love him more than anything else in this world! This is D’Marion and he scooped me up to marriage status on 5/26/18. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about this guy. Sorry in advance! Haha

my husband

To feed my soul, spirit and stomach! Haha. I just want to say that nothing beats a printed copy of a book! I love learning new recipes and absorbing new ways to better myself in all aspects of my life. 


The interest began when I created oreo truffles for the first time years ago for Thanksgiving! Granted, I didn’t “bake” the truffles but destroying the kitchen in order to create a delicious masterpiece was exhilarating! I have mastered my Red Velvet Cookie recipe and there will be many more trial and error recipes to come!


We will start with 30-minute consultation meeting either in-person or over the phone to discuss your wants and desires for your personal session! This will be the time to ask all the questions you can think of! I am a strong believer in making connections with my clients so I can personalize your photoshoot to be 100% you! 

You will receive a final online Google Drive folder of your images from your shoot. Currently, I am offering digital photographs but I will have physical print options coming soon! Please contact me directly for more information regarding unique shoots not listed in Pricing (Maternity, Events, Boudoir, Branding, any and every idea is welcome!) Let’s get creative!  


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Congratulations on your Engagement! This marks the beginning of all the exciting wedding moments to plan! I also have packages for Proposal and Bridal Sessions!




Portrait sessions are very dear to my heart and soul! These will include personal, couples, family, maternity, birth, headshots, graduation and branding sessions!

It's Showtime! Weddings are so thrilling, intimate and beautiful and I would love the opportunity to be there for yours! Ask me more about what is included!

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