September 26, 2019

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

The List

  1. I hate it when my hands are dirty (thanks Megan…my evil big sister…I’ll tell ya’ll about this later!)
  2. I’m a Christian! Blessed Honey!
  3. I love salmon, especially stuffed salmon
  4. I’m a leftie
  5. I love buying gorgeous journals and end up only writing in the first page (idk
  6. I have been a Naturalista for 2 years! Natural Hair girl! 
  7. I stopped growing in the 6th grade. Just 4’11 inches of greatness baby!
  8. I think San Diego is Heaven on Earth
  9. Spring HATES me…allergies don’t play
  10. My two sisters and I quote a lot of our favorite movies in daily conversation 
  11. BEYONCE…No explanation needed. 

That’s a little snippet about Me!! I would love to hear some things about you. Send me a message!

Glow On Girl!


  1. I LOVE veggies but can’t commit to the Vegetarian life
  2. Trap Music
  3. My favorite drink is WATER because it makes my skin glow ;). It’s also delicious and has 0 calories! Haha
  4. Born and raised TX Gal 
  5. Currently working at the amazing Fossil Group! Love me some watches and bags

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