September 26, 2019

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Blog Post 01.


  1. Relaunch: re-introduce or restart
  2. Renovate: restore to a good state of repair
  3. Glow: give out steady light without flame/ steady radiance of light or heat

hey there! I wanted to list the definitions of those 3 powerful words to give you a bit of insight as to what you’re about to step into. I have been shooting photography since High School, studied Fine Art Photography in college, and launched my photography business in 2015. It has been a fun yet interesting journey. I have to admit, being vulnerable and opening up my life to everyone is foreign to me but I’ll do my best. I chose to do this relaunch because I’m not the same woman that I was when I first started. I’ve changed, I’ve grown, I’ve cried and I’ve prayed towards something spectacular. I used to constantly compare myself and my work to others. I used to be really doubtful and timid on the inside. I am here to announce that chapter is over and God has bigger and better plans for me! 

I have taken the time to renovate my spirit, mind, attitude and I’m ready to get started on the new chapter. I’m ready to conquer and I’m ready to glow. 

The Glow On Photographer Blog is about me and my experiences but I also want it to expand further. I want to talk about other creatives, entrepreneurs, women and men that just Glow beyond compare! Whether through interviews, a book review, or a personal photoshoot with me, I want it to be known. This blog is about people and I want to tell their stories. 

Glow On Girl!

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